Holiday Panic Vol II

So if this dress were a human, I would marry it..or we would at least date for years and years. I'd like to share the process in which this dress became mine. So.. it's just another ordinary day and I'm scrolling through Instagram. I see this dress. I notice it's from I go to the site and this dress is on sale for $40! "I cant even." Then, sadly, I notice they are out of my size. I did not give up. I order the larger size available and take it to my seamstress when it arrives. My seamstress is a talented, wardrobe wizard and just as I expected she fits it like a glove to my shape. I paid around $50 for the alterations. In reality this detailed, well-tailored $90 dress appears to be about $ the very least. Lesson #1. Find yourself an affordable, reliable and gifted seamstress. Lesson #2. Never give up on your style quests. If it doesn't quite work there's usually a way to MAKE it work. You can always order bigger sizes and have them taken in. Dress dreams DO come true; you just need to know how to use your resources.

I   KATE SPADE sunglasses   I   BITE lipstick   I   LULUS dress   I   ZARA coat   I   J.CREW FACTORY earrings   I   MANTRABAND bracelets   I   STEVE MADDEN shoes   I

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