Get Your Floral On

Now I'm sure I've talked about my obsession with floral prints before. And now, I'd just like to highlight this highlighted trend to make sure you reeeeally understand just how fabulous it is to me. Floral prints and patterns are able to convey so much so effortlessly. Because this type of print speaks so loudly, most of the "work" required to assemble an outfit is already done for us! This is GREAT news for us lazy-folk. So you've got this dynamic print that catches the eye; a wow factor of sorts. And there's no need to over accessorize or hyper-focus on the details. It's best to keep everything else simple (from shoes to bag to makeup). Assumingly, there's also a wild variety of color as well as a sense of movement created by the organic nature of florals. These classy prints are also a way to express the feminine side of your personal style without having to go the obvious route and wear a dress or skirt. Flirty, feminine and showstopping these prints are an EASY yet dynamic way to incorporate some "wow" into your style.

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