Don't forget the basics

It's fun to keep up with trends, experiment and be daring when styling, but try not to forget what works and to tap into that every once in a while. My personal style tends to swing back and forth between new looks and classic staples. Typically, I'll try out a trend or two and revert back to a few classic looks soon after..and then start over again. With this simple look I've used a few basic rules that are easy to remember. 1. When pairing a top and a bottom, opt for one being a solid and the other being a print (generally speaking). 2. When in doubt, reference your basic primary colors. In this case I chose red (lips), blue (top) and I can almost get away with  a splash of yellow (technically gold) jewelry. I like my wardrobe to be dynamic and my looks to varry..just as my mood does. If you're ever feeling stylistically stuck or bored, a quick remedy is to simply go back to the basics.

SILVERPOST earrings  |  MANTRABAND bracelet  |  ETSY necklace  |  MARC BY MARC JACOBS sunglasses  |  RALPH LAUREN POLO button up  |  FOREVER21 shorts  |  JCREW FACTORY loafers 


Tangerine Dreams

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