I Just Want Dinner

It's lunch time and I'm running low on title ideas. I'm also making it easy for myself and all you realists to communicate what we want this Valentine's Day- dinner. If I'm going to put thought and effort into an outfit that involves not 1, not 2, but 3 perfectly color matched elements (lips, coat, blouse), I'd really just like to be rewarded with dinner. This outfit is perfect because it's not too over the top with bling and it's certainly vibrant enough to be seen and considered for an extra special occasion. The red blouse and lace skirt alone seems a little simple for my usual styling. But as soon as you add the coat..nowwww we're talkin'. It's immediately transformed to a collaborative look rather than just a dynamic outfit. The lesson is: if the coat talks loudly (or even the shoes, bag, jewelry, etc.) keep what's underneath minimal.

|  STEVE MADDEN shoes|  MARSHALLS blouse|  J.CREW FACTORY coat| 

These earrings tho..