Not My Coat

Remember back in high school when you and your friends would swap clothes and hope they were returned unshrunk, without holes or pit stains? Essentially we were expanding our wardrobe in the most economical way. So whyyyyyy did we stop? Why WOULDN'T we want to continue the opportunity to double our options and test drive new styles without breaking the bank?? I will confess..this coat.. is not mine. And one of the perks to dating a girl of the same size is the bonus wardrobe. All you need is a girlfriend or at least a friend.. who's a girl.. to share clothes with! It's such a simple concept that adulthood has caused us to forget about. So I'm here to remind ya. Just show up to your bestie's and raid that closet! ..With permission of course.

|   boutique SCARF|  BCBG MAX AZRIA top|  TOPSHOP skirt|  MIA boots|  ZARA coat| 


These earrings tho..