The weather in Upstate is a little depressing through the long winter months. Sometimes, so much so, that it starts to get to ya. I find myself wearing the same shades of grey, navy and black from week to week. Then typically something inspiring reminds me to keep it colorful and to not neglect the rest of my wardrobe. What I'm saying is, whether it's the weather or some other aspect of your life that's keeping you in a fashion funk, try and be mindful enough to snap out of it. In my opinion, life consists of phases that quite often reflect through our wardrobe phases, other life habits and attitudes. It's the way it goes and it's totally okay! Being aware of a style rut puts you ahead of the game and in a position to better acknowledge the creative roadblock and make a shift. Everyone gets stuck once in a while. Never stop the attempts to be un-stuck... you get it.

|  H&M necklace|  MARSHALLS cardigan|  J.CREW FACTORY tank|  EXPRESS faux leather leggings|  MIA leather boots|


Not My Coat